Sunday, October 25, 2015

Raf Simons Final Bow, Christian Dior by Simon Procter

Raf Simons Final Bow, Christian Dior by Simon Procter for V magazine

Raf Simons takes a final bow at the amazing Christian Dior Fashion show at the Palais des Bulles, Cannes France. Published in the November issue of V magazine NYC.

Simon Procter, Justin Peck & New York City Ballet in Raf Simons, Christian Dior For the current issue of Harpers Bazzar USA.

Simon Procter on set  in NYC with Justin Peck and 

 Styling by the dazzling Michelle Jank  & Fashion Editor "supreme" Laura Brown

Eddy Mitchell new Album Photographed by Simon Procter
A great honour to Photograph the new Album for the legendary Eddy Mitchell. 
Many thanks  to Eddy and the beautiful dancers of the Paradis Latino.

Simon Procter on the Eddy Mitchell shoot at Paradis Latino.Paris

Simon Procter on set with Eddy Mitchell at the Paradis Latino.

Simon Procter Guest of Honour at the Qingdao Museum of Sculpture
Exhibiting EUROPE IN CHINA, curated by VeryArtSpace 

Simon Procter presented at the opening, in Qingdao, Eastern China

Shown for the  first the time at the exhibition new(re)work "The Great Red Dragon" by Simon Procter

Simon Procter ,Taxi Qingdao downtown with the curator Yan and the artist Duncan Zhivago

Simon Procter exhibition at the Grand Hotel, Paris; Sponsored by Stella McCartney

Vernisage  at the Grand Hotel, Many thanks  to Paz Blasco and her wonderful team. Quite  a night!
Special thanks to Stephane Jasper at Stella McCartney.

Kwabs by Simon Procter, London

Kwabs! Great young soul star, Atlantic records.

Studio Procter 16 Rue Saint Sabin 11eme Paris

MODELAND the new  book by Simon Procter is  available on amazon and  itunes