Monday, September 13, 2010

Simon Procter Shoots Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010 with actress Nora Von Waldstatten

Simon Procter Shoots the german actress Nora Von Waldstatten in Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2010 for Qvest Magazine.
For the first time ever Procter uses his famous Paris courtyard garden as location, his neighbors (Painters and artisans) give over there ancient ateliers as studio spaces.

"A big fashion shoot is often a beautiful monster not something you might want to bring home.
But this is Haute Couture, the day after the show, rare and unique, and i had being thinking for a long time there could be another way to work, quieter with more compassion, less hysteria..
Nora is beautiful and intense she has unusual almond eyes that flicker with an artists intelligence, her film Carlos is just out.
My neighbors open their homes, we create stories in the spaces that had been theirs for a 100 years we make good food for each other.
It was a beautiful day we catch the last of the gold light and then the garden fades to blue.
Sometimes there is another way to work....with Love"     

Simon Procter, Paris, September 2010